Promactif Groupe - Immobilier

The group

Our history

A real estate ecosystem

With a more than 20 years solid real estate experience, Promactif Groupe propels his companies that meet societal challenges and sustainable development, and that promote a human and positive vision of a better future.

Our mission


Facilitate real estate transactions between companies.

Do you want to buy/sell/rent/evaluate a semi-industrial or industrial building? We provide a wide catalogue of buildings and an evaluation service. Your guarantee: a reliable partner with 20 years of experience in the real estate sector.


Develop residential property projects.

Promactif Groupe offers thoughtful and value-added living units. Whether it is an apartment, a loft or a sustainable property, in the city center, on the outskirts or in rural areas, you will find living spaces that are adapted to the needs of each key period of your life.


Create innovations related to real estate.

One thing leading to another, and because we adopt a global vision of the real estate sector, Promactif Groupe creates new products and services that will support development projects.

Our vision


Promactif Groupe is a visionary group that propels his companies with social responsibility. In order to do so, we think that real estate is a vector for change, that helps to transversally rethink the future by questioning other sectors such as health, mobility or environment.


Christophe has a degree in civil engineering. In 2015, he started to feel constrained as a real estate agent for 20 years. He wished to develop his job and the real estate sector by integrating more reflection, sense and values. He became a few years later an entrepreneur with multiple businesses by conducting projects that are oriented both in the real estate sector and in applied technology. This real estate developer, who describes himself as ‘devactor’, does not stop adding square meters, carrying out a market study or making integrated home automation. The creation and development of related companies ensure the adequacy with the values promoted in his various projects. In 2020, his wife joined Promactif Groupe that structured his companies in three branches of activity. Monique Kallen comes from a large family and has a degree in industrial engineering. She worked as senior facility manager in the banking sector for many years. With a sensitivity to societal challenges, she is now involved in the companies that are co-managed with Christophe, her husband. They join their strengths and their skills in order to take better account of the emerging needs and to provide solutions for societal challenges through a transversal multidisciplinary approach and by rallying energies around this goal.

Our values

The meaning of Promactif underlines the will to be a developer and a proactive actor who develops his ideas and makes them a reality in order to meet present and future needs. Our vision of real estate development in the broad sense is based on three strong values: proactivity, innovation and societal challenges.

  • Proactivity

    Through its experience and a continuous monitoring, Promactif Groupe proactively contributes to better shared and sustainable value creation.

  • Innovations

    As a real estate lead contractor and a service platform, Promactif Groupe paves the way to innovation with environment and digitalization as a background.

  • Societal challenges

    With a sensitivity to societal challenges, Promactif Groupe contributes to an economic growth, a better social inclusion and a more sustainable environment.

Real estate as vector for change

Promactif Groupe surrounds itself with (sometimes surprising/atypical) specialists, develops partnerships and works with various companies/institutions to provide solutions for societal challenges through a transversal multidisciplinary approach and by rallying energies around this goal.


Active for more than 10 years in Wallonia, ImmoQuest became a key player in the real estate market thanks to clients’ recognition. Confirming each year its leading position in this sector, with a strong experience, ImmoQuest is the only company to exclusively concentrate its efforts in Wallonia. ImmoQuest provides its knowledge of the market and puts its professionalism at disposal in order to find a tailored solution with its clients.

As a logical continuation of the real estate development, some projects that are related to the structuring and societal development (such as le Jardin des Paraboles, Lift O Loft and Asklepios) have emerged.